Review of Green Coffee Bean by Whole Body Research

Whole Body Research offers one of the highest quality green coffee extract. Is it worth to buy? Read this review to find out and compare your options.

What is Whole Body Research Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee BeanThis brand is excellent because it contains 1,435 mg of green coffee extract in each dose. This is one of the highest, even almost twice than other brands. It also has 50% GCA (green coffee antioxidants) chlorogenic acid, which is slightly higher than other brands that have 45%. It also has less than 22.5 mg of caffeine in each capsule, so you might want to be aware of side effects from it.

It does not contain any synthetic fillers or other artificial chemicals, and uses 100% natural ingredients including vegetarian capsules for extra safe consumption. All products made by Whole Body Research go through an intensive inspection by a certified, FDA approved laboratory to ensure they fulfill the necessary GMP criterias for best ingredients.

However, one downside to this product is that it’s quite expensive. One bottle contains 90 capsules that you can use for a one month supply. These many capsules, combined with the high quality ingredients means that it isn’t among the cheaper options when it comes to green coffee supplements.

How do you use the product?

The recommended dose is to take 3 capsules each day at lunch time. This will give you the 1,435 mg daily dose as according to the advertisement. For best results, it’s good to take this amount consistently without missing a dose in between. The company recommends going through a 90-day program so you get the best results.

Even though this product is made to be effective on it’s own, you can consume it together with Garcinia Cambogia or Raspberry Ketones. These are two other very popular supplements to help with burning away unwanted fat. The difference is these two reduce your fat through your metabolism, whereas green coffee bean regulates your glucose level and therefore keeping your body in fat burning mode.

However, you should always talk with your physician before trying to combine supplements. It should be safe since this brand is made from all natural ingredients, but make sure you know the side effects if you are taking this extract with other medications.

Should you buy it?

Even though the Whole Body Research brand is one of the more expensive choices, you can buy two to get one bottle for free. You also get a discount if you buy five bottles, giving you a 5 month supply. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the results, the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

They also have customer support that is open all week long on work days. Therefore, if you have any questions about the product, you can call them and get support immediately. They also do speedy delivery of their product within 1-3 days if you order straight from their online store. If you don’t purchase from their store, you can also buy this brand from

If you disagree with the price, you can opt for the Pure Health Green Coffee Bean which is cheaper but also has all natural ingredients. Another choice would be Ultimate Green Coffee Bean which contains Svetol (an important ingredient for weight loss) but also contains artificial compounds such as coloring.