Review of Ultimate Green Coffee by Phytogenix Labs

This brand of green coffee extract is advertised to double your weight loss. Read this review to find out the truth and whether you should buy.

What is Ultimate Green Coffee Extract?

Ultimate Green Coffee Bean

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The Ultimate brand is a product of Phytogenix Labs. Therefore, sometimes this product is also known as Phytogenix Green Coffee Bean. It contains 45% chlorogenic acid, and also Svetol, which is known as an important ingredient to help boost your weight loss, even double it. The Ultimate brand is advertised as being the authentic source for Svetol green coffee bean.

When you buy this brand, you get 2 bottles in one pack. Each bottle contains 42 caplets, giving you a total of 84. Each serving consists of taking 3 caplets at once, which means you get 28 servings with each pack you purchase. If you consume it twice daily (usually once before breakfast and once in the afternoon), then a one time purchase will provide you with 2 weeks worth of supplements.

Unfortunately, this product contains chemical and artificial compounds for its coating. Such ingredients include yellow 5 (also known as Tartrazine) and blue 1 (Brilliant Blue FCF, which is made from aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum). These are both synthetic dyes often used together to give a green colour to the product.

The bright side is there is no caffeine added to this product. It means that if you aren’t used to drinking coffee, you won’t feel the side effects such as feeling overexcited or having trouble sleeping.

You can inspect the full ingredients from this image, taken straight from the official site:

How do you use the product?

It is recommended to consume one serving of 3 caplets in the morning with food. The next serving is taken 6 hours later in the afternoon, with a meal or snack. Make sure you drink at least 8 oz of water with each dose. You should also not take more than 6 caplets within a 24-hour period.

One thing you should note is that the caplet is rather large or long. You might want to put this into consideration if you have difficulty swallowing larger sized caplets.

If for some reason you happen to miss a dose, do not double your dose at the next time around. Simply continue with taking 3 caplets maximum at one time, and no more than 6 caplets per day. There is no extra benefit from improper use or consuming beyond the recommended dosage.

If you are currently going through medication and prescription drugs, make sure to consult with your physician before you consume Ultimate Green Coffee Bean. This will help you to prevent unexpected side effects that might be specific to your body’s condition.

What kind results can you expect?

You can get a decent amount of weight loss with this product. One user reports that taking Ultimate green coffee with exercise and a low carb diet helped her maintain 5 lbs of loss. It reduced her appetite to a significant degree. Within a short time, she was able to lose up to 12 lbs of weight, 7 of those she lost within a week and a half.

Of course, you must combine taking this supplement with working out and reducing your calories. One user reports that she had an increased sex drive after taking this supplement, so you might want to be aware of that. Even so, other users have not reported similar increase in libido.

Should you buy it?

One thing that you may notice is that you have to take more caplets than other brands of GCB in order to get the recommended 400 mg per day. You can get other brands that have 800 mg in one or two pills at a comparable price. However, these brands may not contain Svetol, which is a critical ingredient in green coffee extract.

This can actually be beneficial for you, since you consume the extract at a lower dose but higher rate. It gives your body time to adjust to the new compounds if this is your first time taking them.

The artificial colouring stated above may turn you off from buying this product. Studies have shown that counting chemical intake instead of calorie intake also has an important effect on your weight loss. If you prefer to avoid these artificial chemicals, you can go with the Pure Health brand which has natural coating for its capsules.

In any case, if you are not satisfied with the product, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. You can purchase the Ultimate Green Coffee Bean from the Phytogenix Labs website or from

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