Review of Swanson Green Coffee Extract With Svetol

This brand has 3 distinct formulas. Which one should you buy? Read this review to know the difference and why the Svetol formula is the best.

What is inside Swanson Vitamin’s green coffee bean extract?

Swanson Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Swanson Vitamin is one of the best brands of health supplements in America. They carry a line of weight control formulas and their brand of green coffee extract is one of them. They have several green coffee formulas, but the most popular one is the one that contains Svetol.

In this formula, you get 200 mg of pure Svetol in each one of the 60 vegetarian capsules in one bottle. There is 45% total chlorogenic acids, so you get the recommended formula for optimal weight loss.

Other ingredients that are used to make the vegetable capsule include rice flour, cellulose, magnesium stearate and silica. This product has a low level of caffeine, only 2% which makes it quite safe if you have sensitivity towards caffeine.

Besides their Svetol formula, Swanson Vitamins also have a formula that contains only pure green coffee extract without Svetol. It’s called the Swanson Full Spectrum Green Coffee Bean. Similarly, each bottle gives you 60 capsules, and you simply get 400 mg of green coffee extract. There is no explanation about the chlorogenic acid level in this formula.

In my research, I have found that a fair number of customers successfully lose weight by combining the Swanson Svetol formula with another weight loss supplement (creating a “fat burning stack”). Such a stack include taking green coffee together with Bioperine and Rhodiola. A popular stack combination is taking it together with raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia.

Instead of purchasing them separately, Swanson have created their own combination formula. This is called Ultimate Green Coffee Complex with Green Tea & Raspberry Ketones. Green tea is one compound that has weight reducing effects. It is used in the proprietary blend of the Leptin 800 green coffee extract brand among other herbs with similar slimming effects.

In each capsule, the formula contains:

  • 500 mcg of chromium
  • 400 mg of green coffee extract
  • 100 mg of raspberry ketones
  • 50 mg of green tea extract

Therefore, there are 3 distinct formulas you can choose from. However, this review will focus on the Svetol formula, since it has received the most number of successful testimonials from customers. The difference between each formula will be noted throughout the review.

How do you best take this product?

With the Svetol formula, the 200 mg dose is considered the lowest among other brands. If you want to get the 800 mg daily dose, you will have to multiple the recommended daily dosage by two times. One other choice would be to buy the Nutrigold brand that has 400 mg of Svetol per capsule.

Even so, you should mind that the 800 mg daily dose consists of a blend of non-Svetol extract and an amount of Svetol. With the Nutrigold brand, you only take one capsule per day, amounting to 400 mg of Svetol each day. Therefore, taking the 800 mg dose doesn’t necessarily mean taking 800 mg of Svetol – just 800 mg of TOTAL green coffee extract (with around 200-400 mg of Svetol in it).

The serving size for this brand is 1 vegetable capsule. Take one capsule twice a day before meals with an adequate amount of water. The benefit of having a low dose of 200 mg per capsule is that you can try it out first before committing to higher doses. This will give you time to measure whether there are any side effects that happen to your body.

Another way you can use the low 200 mg dose is by using it as a “maintenance” supplement. Another brand that has made a 200 mg formula is Sports Research. You can use a higher dosage brand to jump start your weight loss and then switch to a low dosage brand to keep the weight away.

Similar to other brands, it is not recommended to take this product if you are pregnant or nursing or taking prescription medications. A few reported side effects include intestinal distress, headache and nausea.

Especially for the Ultimate Complex formula, the chromium may increase insulin sensitivity. If you are a diabetic or hypoglycemic, it’s best to consult your physician before consuming this extract. There is also 16 mg of caffeine in this formula, so you should be aware of it if you are sensitive to caffeine.

How much weight can you lose and how fast?

This brand is among the ones that receive the highest number of successful testimonials. There are still many people that don’t lose any weight even after taking this supplement. Even so, the high number of positive customer reviews indicate that this product does work.

  • One customer from the official website reports that she was able to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks.
  • Another customer who is 69 years old lost 1 lb per day with exercise.
  • Still from the same site, one customer was able to lose 21 lbs without exercising much.
  • Another person was able to slowly lose 11 lbs in 3 months time by combining it with Swanson’s apple cider vinegar.

Besides the Svetol formula, the Ultimate Complex formula also receives positive reviews:

  • One customer lost 3 lbs in a week without any side effects of jitters or digestive problems.
  • Another customer used it for less than a month and lost 5 lbs of weight.
  • One person lost 10 lbs after one month with only a slight change to her diet.
  • A woman lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks without changing anything to her daily routine.
  • Another customer lost 60 lbs over the course of a year with good exercise and diet.

As you can see, some people lost weight without any additional diet or exercise. Other people lost their weight by doing workouts and watching their diets. This means you also need to see which method works for you to achieve the weight loss you want.

Even among the people who did not get any weight loss, they reported getting boost of energy and have an increased level of productivity. This alone can be worth the price for you if you value productivity in older age.

Where can you buy it for a good product?

This brand is among the cheap ones you can get compared to others (check out our chart to see the reviews of other brands). One bottle will give you one month supply of green coffee extract. There is no difference in price between the Svetol and Ultimate Complex formula. Even so, in my research I find it’s better to consume pure Svetol so you can truly measure the effectiveness of it.

If you are in the UK, you can buy this product from If you want a good deal, you can buy it at the official Swanson website where you can also get a deal on shipping. Amazon has this product in their catalog, so you can buy this brand there too.

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