Lose 5.7% More Weight by Taking Svetol in Green Coffee

What is Svetol?

Svetol is a registered trademark plant extract made from decaffeinated green coffee. It has all the health benefits of coffee in concentrated form, from the active components found within. Not all green coffee bean extracts have Svetol. Those that do have it are more effective at helping your weight loss than green coffee products that don’t contain Svetol.

This compound is produced from unroasted Robusta coffee beans, also called Coffea Canephora Robusta Pierre. The ingredients consist of a proprietary blend that is proven to be highly safe and effective for losing weight. The primary cause for this is the 45%-50% chlorogenic acid found in Svetol. Another compound called caffeic acid, an antioxidant, is also responsible.

If you take a normal 400 mg dose of Svetol, it’s the same as taking 3-6 cups of coffee. It has extra strength compared to regular coffee, but doesnt contain the same harmful compounds, making it healthier to consume, even in the 800 mg dose. It contains less than 2% caffeine, therefore the side effects due to this should be at a minimum.

The directions recommend that you take this compound daily for 2 months. According to studies, 400 mg of Svetol each day can reduce your weight by up to 5.7% in this time period. Of course, you must combine it with a proper diet and workout for the best results.

How does Svetol work?

There are several key processes that make Svetol work to help you lose weight. You can find more information at the official site, but I list them here again for your convenience:


Svetol works by acting on your sugar intake through inhibition of glucose absorption. It also improves your fat burning capabilities by increasing the lypolise in your body. So it has the double effect of preventing excess fat from entering your body, and burning the fat already in your body.

All of these processes result in a stable glucose level in your blood. In turn, a stable level means that you experience less food cravings and it helps to curb your appetite.

Where to buy Svetol?

You can’t buy Svetol as a stand alone product. You can only buy other products that contain Svetol as an active ingredient. There are many brands of green coffee extract that have Svetol in the ingredients, among them are:

  • Genesis Today
  • Kleissinger Labs
  • Sports Research
  • Elite Nutrition
  • Pure Health
  • Nutrigold
  • Naturewise Ultra Pure
  • Swanson Health Products
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • DietWorks
  • Reserveage Organics
  • Absolute Nutrition
  • Labrada Nutrition
  • MaritzMayer Labs
  • Phytogenix Labs
  • Terry Naturally

You can read thorough reviews for each of the above brands in this comparison chart. In the mean time, you can find these products at your local health store, or online such as Amazon.com, or other trusted sources including directly from the company website.