Review of MaritzMayer Pure Super Green Coffee Extract

Is this brand of green coffee truly pure and super? Find out the pros and cons in this review, along with equally affordable alternative options.

What is Pure Super Green Coffee Extract?

Pure Super Green Coffee

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This green coffee bean (GCB) extract is advertised as containing 100% pure, double strength extract. What this means is that there is 800 mg in just one capsule. This is a significantly higher dose, even double, than other brands which usually have 400 mg in one capsule.

It has 50% chlorogenic acid, which falls within the recommended levels. It contains a moderate amount of caffeine, but it isn’t specified how much. The capsules are made from vegetable cellulose, making it an all natural product.

Even though it’s advertised as having no fillers, a user reported that this brand contains compounds that should not be in there. These include apple cider vinegar, grapefruit, gelatin and magnesium stearate among others. It’s true that there is a legal disclaimer saying the materials may contain different info than what is shown on the website. Therefore, if you buy this product, make sure to read the labels and directions before consuming them.

Does this GCB extract really work?

As with any other brand of green coffee extract, your results will vary. There are people who weren’t able to see any results with one brand, but then lost weight when they switched to another. You are responsible to find out on your own which supplement works for you (even if it is not green coffee).

That said, the dosage recommendation for this Pure Super brand is to take one 800 mg capsule, twice a day. You take it around 30-60 minutes before a meal, together with an adequate amount of water. You can take the capsules before breakfast and dinner, or breakfast and lunch.

A user reported that this particular brand gave her a small amount of dizziness or nausea and also a headache. It’s also possible that if you take this brand together with Raspberry Ketones that it might cause an upset to your digestive system (such as diarrhea). If you start to experience any unwanted effects, stop consuming this product immediately.

What do real people say about this product?

There is quite a controversy surrounding the Super Green Coffee brand by MaritzMayer. One user reported that the content is actually not green coffee bean, since real unroasted coffee bean extract should have a beige colour and taste bitter. She took a capsule, opened it, and found that the powder was brown and tasted bland, not bitter.

The bitter taste in green coffee extract comes from Coffea Canephora, which is important in order to get the results you want. However, another source states that there is no reason GCB extract should taste bitter.

Most of the bitter taste comes from caffeine, and two other compounds: chlorogenic acid lactones and phenylindanes. These compounds are a result of the roasting process of coffee beans. Therefore, since green coffee beans are unroasted, these compounds should not exist and not give a bitter taste.

An official representative of the company explains that the taste of green coffee extract may differ. This is due to the various levels of caffeine after extraction. As a result, the extract can taste mildly sweet, bland, bitter, and very bitter.

Another contributor is that the coffee beans are produced in various spots around the world. Therefore the unique geographical conditions can give a different flavor to the bean and extract. This means that the same brand can have a different taste between bottles, though it shouldn’t be so much.

Even though there are customers who feel they have been scammed, there are other users who report good results with this brand. One woman lost 4 pounds in one week, and eventually went down as much as 21 pounds. This is without any side effects, and her weight stayed off.

What else should you know about this brand?

One major good point of this particular brand is that it is one of the cheapest available. You can get it at a very low price compared to other similar brands. Even so, it’s best to not be tempted by the low price and make sure you check the product and other options thoroughly before you buy.

The MaritzMayer green coffee bean is often bought together with Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones offered by the same company. This is a good option to take if you are considering all three popular weight reducing supplements to boost your weight loss.

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Alternatively, one user recommends the Pure Health brand over this one because it gave her better results. You can also look at our buyer’s guide to various green coffee extracts to find the right one.