Review of Green Coffee With Svetol by Sports Research

Is this 100% pure Svetol green coffee extract? As the only softgel form, read user reviews to know the side effects and where to buy for a good product.

What is Sports Research Green Coffee Bean with Svetol?

Sports Research Svetol Green Coffee

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This brand of green coffee extract is different from others because it is sold in liquid softgels. These are easier for you to swallow compared to normal pills, capsules and caplets. Each bottle contains 60 or 90 gels, and has 400 mg of 100% pure Svetol extract. It also has the standardized 45% chlorogenic acid level, and is advertised as having no artificial ingredients and zero fillers.

Sports Research pride themselves as being one of the rare companies that produce 100% pure Svetol. This compound is said to give more weight loss in a double blind laboratory study. This company is one of the few that are verified as official distributors of Svetol, which makes it a high quality one.

Other brands are said to have higher doses (800 mg) but with little or no Svetol. If they do have it, the levels are often as low as 25% with 75% or more blended with fillers. This is one of the main benefits of this product if you are going to go with it.

Besides the purity, this brand also offers 800 mg of virgin organic coconut oil. They put this in to give an extra boost because coconut oil has many health benefits for your body. This product contains less than 2% caffeine – similar to some other brands – to minimize the side effects if you aren’t used to drinking coffee.

The ingredients label show that there are other compounds listed. Among them are gelatin, vegetable glycerin and sunflower lecithin. It’s not clearly detailed why they are here, but it is usually what makes the softgels – not the content of the extract itself. Another compound named Bioperine is added for rapid release technology, which means your body absorbs richer nutritional content.

Does this product work and what are the side effects?

The instructions on how to use this product say to take 1 liquid softgel 3 times a day. It’s best take it 30 minutes before each meal with an adequate amount of water (around 8 oz.).

You may be questioning the truth of this product and the claims. There are mixed user reviews around the web. Some users have had great success consuming this product, while others say it is not working.

  • One user from reports that she used this extract for 3 weeks and lost 3 pounds. She did it while working out 4 or 5 times each week, but without a controlled diet.
  • Another user reports she lost 5 lbs in one month after taking one softgel before every meal, especially dinner.
  • Similar results are testified by an customer who lost 10 lbs in two weeks. Other benefits include having more energy without any side effects, and a more suppressed appetite.

There are normally minimal side effects from this product, since the ingredients are all-natural. Even so, several customers have reported having a bloated feeling and gassy stomach after consuming it. One person reports having what feels like heart palpitations (perhaps due to caffeine). Another user reports he started having big headaches once he started taking this product.

It’s not recommended to take green coffee extract if you are pregnant or while nursing. It’s best to always consult a medical professional and examine the labels to ensure it is safe for you to consume.

Where to buy to get a good product?

This product is one of the highest quality in our list of green coffee extracts. There are several places to buy this brand. You can order it straight from the official website itself at You can also buy it from or

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It’s good to note that customers who buy this often also buy Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia by the same manufacturer, Sports Research. Even so, I recommend you to take only one supplement at a time to ensure whether it works and to filter out any unwanted side effects.