Review of Green Coffee Bean by Pure Health – Buy or No?

Can the Pure Health brand help you lose weight? Read this review to find out how this green coffee extract works, and what kind of results you can expect.

What is Pure Health Green Coffee Extract?

Pure Health Green Coffee Bean

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The Pure Health 100 brand contains 800 mg of extract per serving, which consists of taking 2 capsules at once. It has a 45% level of chlorogenic acids, which is the recommended level you should be looking for. You can choose a bottle that contains 30 capsules (therefore getting 15 servings per bottle) or you can save some money and buy 90 capsules (where you get 45 servings per bottle).

What makes the Pure Health brand different is that it doesn’t use harmful compounds, such as artificial preservatives, colouring, sweeteners or other ingredients that you don’t need. They wrap the extract into vegetarian capsules so your body can absorb the nutrients much more efficiently.

How does this product work?

Taking the extract works best when combined with healthy eating habits and an active workout regime. There are some people who report that they are able to lose weight without changing anything, but it’s best to also do exercise and watch what you eat.

The active ingredients in the extract gives you more energy throughout the day. As a result, you don’t get tired easily when doing your activities, and you have a boost of energy to workout. It also makes you less hungry so you don’t get the urge to eat unhealthy meals.

How do you use the product?

The way to consume it is to take 2 pills once or twice a day. You should take it 30 minutes before you eat a meal together with 10 oz of water, in order to prevent any unwanted side effects. If you are going through treatment where you are taking other medications, make sure to consult with your physician on when you should take this supplement and how many.

This product comes with a warning that it should not be taken if:

  • You are under 18
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are sensitive or allergic to caffeine
  • You have a low blood sugar level
  • You have a heart related condition
  • You have diabetes or going through diabetic treatment

If any of these is true for you, make sure you avoid the Pure Health Green Coffee Bean brand. Other than that, if you are not used to drinking caffeine, this extract might make you feel jittery (since the caffeine gives you a boost of energy) or have trouble sleeping.

What kind results can you expect?

With these kinds of products, individual results may vary. There are many factors that affect your weight, such as your habits and your body’s hormonal balance.

For example, if you are consuming green coffee bean to prevent gaining weight after quitting smoking, you might actually gain weight before you start to lose it (due to the effect of no longer smoking). Other conditions such as going through menopause for women might also affect the efficiency of this supplement.

It should be noted that it might take some time before you start seeing results. One 30 capsule bottle will last you one week (taken at 2 servings per day, 15 servings per bottle). This might not be long enough for your body to react to the ingredients.

If you haven’t seen any drop in weight, try going on for 14 days using this supplement. You can also try increasing the dosage to 3 times a day, taking 2 capsules before every meal. If you’re going to do this, make sure to consult with your physician should you feel necessary.

One other option you can consider is to purchase the Pure Health extract that contains Svetol. For a certain portion of people, taking the Svetol version as according to the recommended dosage reduces your appetite and cravings, therefore helping you to lose weight.

Should you buy it?

It’s obvious that in order to successfully lose weight, you must also watch your diet and do exercise in addition to taking green coffee bean extract. The Pure Health Brand is a good choice, as it is one of the cheaper options available in the market. It gives you the opportunity to try it before committing to long term consumption.

You get enough capsules to try for up to 3 weeks (depending on which bottle you order). This should give you enough time to see whether this brand works for you or not. You can occasionally find it at a good price at your local store, but ordering it online is an affordable option also (or you can order it straight from the company site).

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