Review of Green Coffee Extract by Labrada Nutrition

Does the Labrada brand work? Find out why 1,050 mg may not be good for you and how to use this product in a fat burning stack.

What is inside Labrada Nutrition’s green coffee extract?

Labrada Nutrition Fat Loss Optimizer

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The Labrada brand has a solid presence in the fitness supplement industry. Their Lean Body product is popular among people who want to lose weight. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this company has made green coffee extract as part of their “fat burning stack”.

In each bottle of this brand, you get 90 capsules of extract. The extract contains Svetol and 45% total chlorogenic acid. Other ingredients listed on the bottle include gelatin, which is used for the capsule.

However, you must beware. There is conflicting and misleading information about this product. Some online sellers state that one bottle contains 60 capsules. Other ingredients that are sometimes listed include magnesium stearate, silica and titanium dioxide.

It seems there is a lack of quality control with this product. It’s a surprise, because Labrada Nutrition is a respected brand in the field. This level of quality should not be coming from a company with a brand as strong as they are. Perhaps Labrada is good when you want to buy their other products, but not so with their version of green coffee bean extract.

How does this product work?

Here is where the conflicting information has disappointed customers before. Some bottles state it has 1,050 mg of extract (GCE) in each serving of 2 capsules. A closer look behind the bottle though states that there is only 400 mg of extract in 1 capsule serving size.

According to studies, a dose of 1,050 mg of GCE can give a weight loss of nearly 18 lbs. The dose is taken 3 times a day, each at 350 mg, and continued for 22 weeks. For some consumers, they want to find a brand that gives this dosage level.

It is safer to go with the information that each bottle has 90 capsules of 400 mg extract. It is the most used ingredient listing among various sellers. Plus, it is safer to take a lower dosage to see whether this product has any negative side effect on you. 1,050 mg per day may be too high to start with.

How do you use the product?

The way to get maximum results from this brand is to take one capsule, three times a day before each meal. Each capsule has 400 mg of extract, so you do reach the 1,050 mg dosage level that people are looking for (due to the findings of the study).

One thing to note about the Labrada green coffee extract is that it works better in a “stack”. A stack means you combine this supplement with other weight loss and fat burners. One user reports that it worked for him only when he stacked it together with Garcinia Cambogia. He took one capsule of Garcinia in the morning and green coffee in the evening.

You should also note that this product is not safe for you if you are going through pregnancy, breast feeding or taking other prescription drugs.

What kind results can you expect?

There are many success stories and testimonials available from the official Labrada website. It makes the validity of these customer reviews questionable, but it is a good starting point to see whether this product works or not:

  • One user reports she went down 12 pounds
  • One user reports she lost 5 pounds in her first week
  • Another user said she lost 10 pounds after taking this product 2 times a day for one month.

Of course, many of the testimonials say they also combine a good diet and adequate exercise to get their results.

Should you buy it?

If you want to buy the Labrada brand, you can save money if you order repeat delivery from their site. It is available for repeat order in various amount of days. If you want to buy it only once, you can do so at various online stores such as and

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Is this product worth buying? It is the only product that you can buy in a stack together with Raspberry Ketones and Ursolic Acid from the same brand. Since they are made by the same brand, you get a more consistent level of quality instead of combining from several different brands.

Even so, I believe there are better products available, with an assuring quality control. Of course, these other brands are more expensive, but they receive more favorable reviews. You can take a look at our comparison chart to find the best green coffee extract brand for you.