Review of Green Coffee Bean by Absolute Nutrition

This brand has conflicting ingredient information. Read this review to find out if it is worth to buy or not, and which brand we recommend instead.

What is inside Absolute Nutrition’s green coffee bean extract?

Absolute Green Coffee Bean Extract

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This brand is one of the most available in online stores. It is one of the more affordable extracts that has Svetol in it and also 50% chlorogenic acid. Each bottle contains 60 vegetable capsules, which makes it free from artificial compounds.

However, there seems to be conflicting information about this product. The official website doesn’t give a thorough ingredients list. Instead, various online sellers give differing information about the components of this product.

Although the official site says that it has no fillers, binders or any other artificial ingredients, sites that offer this product list gelatin, silica, and vegetable magnesium stearate among the ingredients.

It seems there is a low level of quality control behind this product. How can the manufacturer allow conflicting and misleading information to be spread about their products? It makes you question the validity of this brand, which is why it is among our lowest recommendations.

How do you use this extract?

Even regarding the dosage of green coffee extract (GCE) is conflicting. Some sites state that a serving size consists of taking 2 capsules. In each serving you get 600 mg of GCE and 200 mg of Svetol.

However, other sites state that a serving is only 1 capsule, and that you get 800 mg of GCE with each.

Perhaps this is a mistake on the sellers part. Even so, it is enough to make you be cautious about this product because there is no certain ingredients list. It makes you wonder whether you will get the full benefits, or if you should avoid this brand altogether.

If you do plan on trying this brand, you should take one capsule in the morning before breakfast and one capsule before lunch. There is no need to go beyond this recommended dose. Taking a higher dose does not necessarily give you more benefits (and might start to give negative side effects).

One fact that all sellers agree on is that this brand contains 20 mg of caffeine in each serving. If you are sensitive to caffeine, there are other products that have less than 2 mg of it in each serving.

Other health conditions that prevent you from taking this product include:

  • If you are going through treatment for cancer or other chronic diseases
  • If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother
  • If you are under 18 years old
  • If you have other medical conditions

What are the customer reviews about this product?

Although it has conflicting ingredient information and lacks the quality assurance of other brands, this brand is one that receives many independent user reviews. Similar to other brands, a fair number of buyers don’t have success after taking this product for weeks or months.

One notable unwanted side effect is that a user experienced high blood pressure after taking it. Her pressure went from a normal number to 140 over 90, which is alarmingly high. Other side effects reported are similar to other brands, usually from being sensitive to caffeine or the acidic components.

A good number of users report losing weight with this brand:

  • One user reported that she lost 12 pounds in 12 weeks while maintaining an exercise routine and diet.
  • Another user reported that she lost an average of 3 pounds each week for 5 weeks continuously.
  • One more user says she lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks, but experience some side effects due to the caffeine.

Where can you buy this brand for the best product?

As stated above, there are several locations to buy this brand, such as and They have different prices, so you should check them on each site. In our research, we found that you can buy this product at

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Other than the many reviews it has received, there seems to be no advantage that this product offers compared to other brands. It is not the cheapest brand with Svetol, and it is not the one that offers the most benefits. It has no extra features that other brands don’t have. Therefore, I recommend you to check out our buyer’s guide and chart to find the best green coffee extract for your money.